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Sony R03-NUP2A (AAA)size battery provides you with a mobile source of power that makes many modern conveniences possible. This portable power pack gives you optimal performance for everyday applications. Innovative and distinctive blister design serves great for shop-front shelf impact. The batteries are perfect for electronic games, toys, alarm clocks and torch lights.

High-quality and durable, Sony carbon zinc batteries are renowned for providing long-lasting power. You’ll find a range of Sony batteries in our online store and we sell them at low prices, so you’ll be able to keep your compatible gadgets going for less than you may expect when you shop with us.

One of the most famous electronics manufacturer’s in the world, Sony is known for making precision products that adhere to the highest standards. Established in Japan in 1946, Sony has a long history of manufacturing high-quality electronics goods, including batteries, so when you opt to power your gadgets with Sony batteries, you’ll be getting a superb cell from a brand with an outstanding reputation.We supply Sony carbon zinc batteries in cost-effective bulk packs, so you could make some great savings by buying your Sony cells from our online shop.

  • Brand: Sony
  • Product Type: R03-NUP2A (AAA) BATTERIES R03/1.5V
  • Pack Size: 40 PCS PER BOX.